Transcendence 1.7 Beta 1 is ready!


This release furthers the Benedict storyline and reveals more details about the Penitents. Following the events in Eridani, you must help Benedict to discover why Fiona was attacked—a mystery that could involve the highest levels of the Sisterhood.

In this version we finally get to visit the famous Cathedral of Domina and sit in on a session of the Circle of Obligation: the leaders of the Sisters.

Of course, this is still a beta, and the missions are not 100% balanced (nor are they resilient to edge events like killing the main characters). Please post your comments and feedback to the Ministry.


The bulk of the features for 1.7 are now implemented. The UI improvements in Alpha 2, plus the visual effects and balance changes in Alpha 1 represent major improvements over 1.6.

These features and improvements will serve us well as we prepare for the first public alpha of Part II.