The Sirius star system is one of the new locations in Eternity Port. Sirius A is a bright, class-A star with a normal retinue of planets and asteroids. But several light-minutes away orbits an exotic star: Sirius B is a white dwarf with the mass of the Sun, but compressed down to the size of the Earth.

Ships approaching Sirius B will experience a gravity well of increasing steepness. If you get too close, you will be unable to break away from its grip and will be ripped apart by the intense gravity.

Sirius is also the location of the Concatenated Digital Metropolis, also known as Eternity Port. People lucky enough to afford it sometimes choose to scan their brains before death. They live out their existence as a digital recreations, living on the vast quantum computer network of Eternity Port.

Though many of the denizens of Eternity Port have long ago ceased to care about physical human, there are still some who see our fates bound together.