With a fast ship and the skills to fly it, you earn a living running dangerous missions for any sovereign who will hire you. But when a digital hyperintelligence threatens the entirety of Human Space, the only hope lies with the reclusive cyber-citizens of Eternity Port.

New Player Class

In this new adventure you play a CDM mercenary: a pilot hired by the virtual denizens of Eternity Port. Paired with an onboard-AI, you ultimately gain powers in both the physical and virtual worlds. Hack into enemy ships to disable them, or just blast them with nukes. The choice is yours.

Three New Ship Classes

  • Choose the UAS Hercules if you want a freighter built for combat. With six armor segments and eight multi-purpose device slots, this hulk will keep you safe through the most dangerous territories.
  • If you have the skills to fly it, the Raijin-class gunship will dogfight with the best of them. Light, fast, and deadly: this is space supremacy at its best.
  • Of course, sometimes it pays to stay flexible. The Avery Astronautics Spartan is a multi-role gunship that can handle any situation. You can upgrade it with heavy weapons or outfit it for freighter duty—whatever the mission demands.

New Star Systems

For the first time, you explore the area of the galaxy near our sun, Sol. Visit the metropolis of the Corporate Hierarchy in the Centauri system or the massive UAS Shipyards at Kibo. Then, visit the planets and asteroids of Sol, torn in competition among the Four Powers of Earth.