This is a tower defense game mode for Transcendence.

A civilization trapped in the confines of near planet orbit has found an enemy menace from outside of its solar system. Alerted by scientists monitoring the skies, we watched, waited, and created. The Gysolian defense grid is now in your hands, Commander. With time running low and the enemy closing in our last hope is the Durkham-class Defense Carrier.
Can you help lead us to victory?
This mod is basically my attempt to show that Transcendence is more than just Domina and Oracus and we can make other games too, like tower defense among other things.

The game is also a bit short (~15 minutes to complete and 11 waves) but there will be updates so you can upgrade lots of stuff and fight cooler enemies.

Please provide feedback on the forums!
Link to forum thread (and game mechanics!):