Osaka-class Transport

The Osaka was originally designed as a troop transport by the Nakura Corporation in the Frontier. The design proved to be versatile and robust, and has been used in many roles ranging from a missile ship to a freighter to a heavy gunship.

While the Osaka class doesn't have as much space for upgrades as the Sapphire or Wolfen, it carries more cargo than either. Its powerful engines allow it to move as nimbly as a sapphire, even when loaded with cargo and heavy armor. It can also carry one more weapon than the EI500 can, giving it an additional edge in combat.

The stock hull comes equipped with class-II shields and the Nakura bolter, a unique recoilless cannon designed to fire armor-piercing rounds.


This extension adds the Osaka-class transport as a playable ship in Transcendence to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the game!

The design was originally conceived for use in George Moromisato's game Frontier, and the updated graphics in this mod were created by Wolfy.