Journey to the Galactic Core in your own Manticore-class heavy gunship and run missions for CHOC, the Corporate Hierarchy Operations Command. As you explore the realm of the Corporate Hierarchy, you'll confront the mystery of the chimeras—a foe that could threaten all of Human Space.


Constellation-class Freighter

Use the built-in auton bay to repair and upgrade your autons.

Freyr-class Gunship

Rasiermesser's space-superiority gunship sports a swivel cannon mount.

Manticore-class Heavy Gunship

Makayev's heavy gunship is designed for heavy weapons and armor.

Go on Missions for CHOC

The Corporate Hierarchy Operations Command is responsible for the security of the Hierarchy and its shareholders. Join CHOC to help the Corporations and gain valuable benefits such as discounts at shops and on insurance. If you're good enough, you might get a chance to help Anton Nasser, one of the Hierarchy's top operatives, to unravel the mystery of the chimeras.

Explore Thirteen New Star Systems

Corporate Command includes thirteen new star systems scattered throughout Human Space. You will get a chance to start the game in Tau Ceti, a populous system with a big Corporate presence. In the Ungoverned Territories, you might visit the mist-shrouded worlds of the Anaxas system. And deep in the Outer Realm you may be asked to defend Pacific Defense's massive shipyard complex at Gunsan.