The saga of Domina & Oracus continues! After breaking out of the Quarantine Zone set up by the Ancient Races, you meet the refugees of Exsillium, a human population caught outside the Zone. But your worst fears are confirmed when the refugees reveal that the Ancient Races plan to exterminate humanity.

Alpha Test

This is a very early alpha test for The Vault of the Galaxy. It is by no means complete nor particularly playable. But we hope it show the basic concepts and direction. Here are a few things to look for in the test:

Mechanist Ships

Although you start out with an old-style Sapphire-class, there are very few places in the galaxy that can repair and refuel human ships. You'll need to acquire a new galactic-level ship for your travels.

There are three basic technologies for galactic-level ships. The most common is known as mechanist. Mechanist technology is very similar to human ship technology. You install armor and devices on your ship as normal. One major difference is that many advanced items cannot be bought but instead must be crafted.

Look for Erebien foundry stations, which are able to craft items from basic resources.

Biotech Ships

The second major galactic-level technology is biotech. A biotech ship is a living organism, genetically engineered to travel through space. Biotech ships much eat bio-resources to survive and to heal themselves. Over time, biotech ships grow, increasing in strength and power.

Biotech ships can have symbiotes attached. A symbiote is a symbiotic lifeform that draws energy from the bioship in exchange for some specific service, such as firing positron beams. Symbiotes are like weapon devices, but they also grow in power.

Look for biotech ships at a Tor Quan trading port.

Archaeotech Ship

The third major galactic-level technology is archaeotech. Archaeotech ships rely on ancient alien technology, unearthed and harnessed by the player. The devices used by an archaeotech ship are artifacts from an previous age that must be found and used.

These ancient artifacts have a mind of their own, however, and they must first be awakened and subdued before being of use.