Transcendence 1.3 Release Candidate 2 is ready for testing!

Thanks to all the feedback on RC 1, particularly on the Benedict missions, I've made many bug fixes. Please test it out and let me know about any showstoppers.

Game Balance & UI

  • All settings written out to Settings.xml.
  • Highlight quoted sections in dock screens.
  • Inventory refreshed more often (e.g., ammo replenishes faster).

Bug Fixes

  • Toned down the freighter mission (1 Atonement class and 2 Repentent classes).
  • The Benedict introduction triggers even if the player skips the Abbess questions.
  • The galactic map is included on all ships by default.
  • Benedict makes sure you can install a device before telling you to install it.
  • Benedict doesn't tell you to sell the SmartCannon.
  • A new Benedict task has you explore all friendly stations.
  • Fixed a typo in Urak text.
  • Mission pointers cleared even if the player installs or sells items at a different station.
  • No tick sound if at the end of a list.
  • Fixed AI bug with Omnithor hunter-killer.
  • Fixed painting bug with targeting display.
  • Fixed a bug in which Salvagers were not installing found devices.
  • Size of mission target rings should not include effect size.
  • Fixed prevKey/nextKey bug.
  • Fixed bug with action names that include brackets.


New to the credits this release:

  • Arkheias

Thanks to all!