Transcendence 1.3 Beta 1 is ready for testing!

Transcendence 1.3 is designed to support the new soundtrack being created by Michael Tangent, but I've also added several changes to make the game more approachable and more polished.


  • The biggest change to the UI is that the game now fills up the whole screen. I was resistant at first to make this change, but you all convinced me that I was wrong. Plus the game looks great now on a large monitor.
  • The map UI uses a subtle perspective projection.
  • Stations (and capital ships) show a damage bar underneath (even if you don't have a targeting computer).
  • The auto-target for omni and swivel weapons is indicated, even if you don't have a targeting computer.
  • Improved thermo weapon effects.
  • Improved missile exhaust effects.
  • Improved main thruster effects.
  • I added a maneuvering thruster effect to player ships. I'm not sure if I like it, so please give me feedback (positive or negative).
  • The game no longer tries to auto-replace a device if you've reached the device limit.

Game Balance

  • Dvalin's rewards are slightly easier to get; and the Ion9 has been increased in power a little bit.
  • Range of the Moskva 11 has been doubled.
  • Hardened armor and meteorsteel are now immune to blinding.
  • Makayev armor is slightly more common.

Corporate Command 1.1

If you install Transcendence 1.3 Beta 1 and if you have Corporate Command, you will automatically download Corporate Command 1.1 Beta 1. The new release has the following changes:

  • The Constellation class now starts with light plasteel plate, a 300D auton, and all standard autons are identified. Also, the auton bay can no longer be removed.
  • The Freyr class swivel is now 30 degrees.
  • The Manticore class starts with light Novaya armor (which is immune to radiation); the built-in armor repairer now works better on the Novaya series of armor.
  • Added 4 new Rasiermesser weapon.
  • Added a series of Novaya armor for the Manticore class.
  • The first chimera mission is a little easier.
  • Fixed a bug in which the mission to kill an outlaw freighter was sometimes unwinnable.
  • Flipped the Tau Ceti stargate branch to the other side, for compatibility with The Stars Beyond.

API Version 20

  • This version introduces a new method for overriding types. Beta 1 supports a <ShipClassOverride> element. This element is similar to <ShipClass> but you specify the UNID of an existing ship class. <ShipClassOverride> allows you to override a select set of parameters. Right now it supports overriding <StaticData>, <GlobalData>, <Language>, <Events>, <Image>, and <PlayerSettings>.
  • The game now supports more than 40 rotation frames. Moreover, I've decoupled maneuverability from rotation frames, which means that you will be able to change one without affecting the other. Look at the new <Maneuver> element in the player ships.
  • I've added a new <Effects> element to define thruster effects for ships. This supports all the usual effect types. (Though it does not yet support effects that cause damage).
  • Added <ParticleJet> as a new effect type. It is similar to <ParticleCloud> but support parameterization (like <Ray>).
  • Added a <CanInstallItem> event for ships.
  • Added a <GetArmorRegen> event for repairer device classes.
  • Added a property to set a ship's comms key.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in which the targeting of swivel weapons (like on the Freyr) chose targets outside the swivel range.
  • Fixed the problem with some Militia missions not being recognized as completed.
  • Fixed the endless loop trying to find Huaramarca.
  • Fixed a bad message from Tinkers.
  • Fixed bug with lanthanum glass (and other items) using the wrong image.