Upcoming Sessions

19 May through ???

Developer playthrough of Eternity Port.

Past Sessions

12 May: 3D Modelling Demo

In this episode I will use trueSpace to create a brand new 3D model for the game.

5 May

  • Shrike: Shrike's Mines & Missiles + SNAPSS.

28 April

21 April

  • PM: Playership Drones v7

14 April

  • AssumedPseudonym: The Backroads

7 April

31 March 2016: Beyond the Mainline

Pixelfck's Beyond the Mainline is a classic extension: http://xelerus.de/index.php?s=mod&id=1340

24 March 2016: Drake Technologies Alpha

In this episode we take a look at PM's key mods, except Playership Drones, which will get its own episode later.

17 March 2016: The Stars Beyond

Exploring the Expanded Universe is a new series in which I try out various popular mods. In the inaugural episode we take a look at Wolfy's magnum opus, The Stars Beyond.