Transcendence 1.3 Beta 2 is ready for testing!

Besides fixing lots of bugs, this beta introduces 120-frame counts for all player ships.

Game Balance & UI

  • All player ships use 120 rotation frames.
  • Unregistered game stats are uploaded to the Multiverse.
  • Maneuvering thruster effects removed (but can be added back with showManeuverEffects option in Settings.xml).
  • Adjusted rotation rate for player ships. Wolfen and Sapphire have a slightly slower turn rate to increase precision.
  • Autons no longer retreat when their shields are down. This prevents them from flying off in the middle of battle (but it might reduce their lifespan).
  • All large ships in Corporate Command now use 120 rotation frames.

API Version 21

  • Added <WeaponDisplay> element to <PlayerSettings> to allow you to replace the targeting display image.
  • Added noImmobileHits, noImmutableHits, noShipHits, noStationHits, and noWorldHits to control the kinds of objects that projectiles hit.
  • Added noArticle parameter to <ItemType>.
  • Added startAt= to <Armor> definitions, to deal with ships like the Manticore, which don't straddle angle 0.
  • Prior to 1.3 Beta 2, only stations with the "populated" attribute counted for score. In Beta 2, you may also use the "score" attribute to make a station count towards the score.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash painting SRS.
  • Fixed errors connecting to Multiverse.
  • Handle overflowing inputs properly.
  • Fixed AI problems dealing with >20 rotation frames.
  • Fixed bug with invokeLetterKeys option.
  • Fixed reactor display mask (thanks to pixelfck).
  • Fixed a problem when rotationCount is set in image and old-style maneuverability is used.
  • Fixed bad painting of targeted object.
  • Fixed bug with auton bay repairing carbide carapace.
  • Luminous assemblers and pteravores now show up in stats.
  • Fixed a bug in which mission stations (like Cyclops Lab) appeared multiple times in the same system.
  • Fixed a bug with object criteria in which t selector interfered with m selector.
  • Fixed a]]. Prior to Beta 2 basic autons (like 1M battle auton) did not have device or reactor limits. Adding limits fixed the problem.
  • Fixed a bug in which player ship sometimes did not draw on top of other ships.

New Corporate Cruiser

In Beta 2 I've remodelled the iconic Corporate Cruiser. The original was great, but I wanted to add a little more detail, particularly for hero shots. Moreover, the windows on the original were too big for a ship that size (275 meters).

I kept the clean, rounded lines typical of Rasiermesser designs (in contrast to Makayev ships). But I wanted to make it imposing and massive, like a cross between Moby Dick and an Airbus 380.


New to the credits this release:

  • AssumedPseudonym
  • EditorRUS
  • Ultimate Chicken
  • Watch TV, Do Nothing

Thanks to all!