Transcendence 1.5 RC 1 is now ready to download!

API Version 24

  • Added +property: to item criteria.
  • Added omnidirectional property to item types.
  • waitForTarget order now takes a range and time.
  • <Station> directive now ignores encounter limits.
  • Added sovereign= parameter on <Station> to override sovereign.
  • <GetDockScreen> now expects screen, [data], priority (consistent with <GetGlobalDockScreen>).
  • Stations now repair all friendly NPC ships, not just ships of the same sovereign.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed missing stations in St. Katharine's Star.
  • Improved keyboard control for armor screens.
  • Armor damage indicator updates properly now.
  • Fixed bug with stations offering to install inappropriate items.
  • Fixed inconsistencies in buying/upgrading at Commonwealth Fortresses.